Sponsors 2019

Sponsorship opportunities are still available for the Seminars. Please get in touch with us by emailing east-events@in-conference.org.uk for the full list of opportunities. 

EAST is thankful for the below sponsors for the ATM Physical Attacks Seminar – Expert Group on ATM & ATS Physical Attacks (EGAP)

Out of our 35 years’ experience in ATM and banking security was born Smartstain – world’s most advanced ATM’s protection staining system (IBNS), well known to innovate and eliminate human operation errors, and providing unprecedented reliability with up to 8 years maintenance free operation. Smartstain, setting new industry standards in years to come.


Cennox specialises in security products for Banks, Retailers, Airports and other associated ‘at risk’ applications to protect the combined interests of the many institutions. Our portfolio of products, designed and built by our R&D Team in the United Kingdom, as well as others in the United States and Europe, have succeeded in delivering huge blows to the criminal community. With many of our financial products developed in partnership with Banks and already successfully eradicating ATM fraud from many of the worst hit machines, Cennox continues to lead the way in ATM Security products and their implementation.